Two shots from the episode 1 of "Revolution", starring Tim Guinee, which featured our 1202 School Backpack (2012)

Starry Starry Night

Two shots from the movie "Starry Starry Night", starring Jiao Xu, which featured our Vinyl Dakota Backpack (2011)

Shirato Osamu no Jikenbo

Two shots from the episode 1 of "Shirato Osamu no Jikenbo", starring Yudai Chiba, which featured our Vintage Messenger Bags (2012)


Two shots from the episode 8 of "Suits", starring Gabriel S. Macht, which featured our 1625 NY Minute Messenger Bag (LG) (2012)


Two shots from the episode 2 of "Suits", the messenger is carrying our 1625 NY Minute Messenger Bag (LG) (2012)

The Rebound

Two shots from the movie "The Rebound", starring Justin Bartha is carrying our grey 1714 Deluxe Computer Bag (15 in.) (2009)


The smash hit, Taxi, featured two bike messengers, both equipped with a Manhattan Portage Accessory Case (1004)

Princess Diary

Two screenshots from Disney's movie "Princess Diaries",starring Julie Andrews, which featured our 1432 Basic Europa bag in orange.


In the movie "STAY", starring Ewan Mcgregor, actress Elizabeth Reaser is carrying our grey 1906 Backpack and 1615 Messenger Bag.

The Recruit

Two shots from the Touchstone movie "The Recruit", starring Al Pacino, Colin Farrell and Bridget Moynahan carrying our 1427 DJ Bag.

Addicted to Love

In this scene of the Warner Bros movie "Addicted to love", Matthew Broderick is inspecting the contents of Meg Ryan's grey 1615 messenger bag.

Paris, je t'aime

In this scene, the grey City Lights (1403) is carried across the right shoulder.


Stars of the Japanese hospital drama series "Shiroi-Kyotou" ("Big White Tower") can be seen carrying our 1429 DJ Shoulder Bag.


Here is a scene from Columbia Picture's movie "28 Days", starring Sandra Bullock sporting one of our popular 1420 DJ Bags.

Passport to Europe (2003)

Samantha Brown carried our Manhattan Portage 1435 while she was showing us the beautiful buildings in Florence, Italy, and telling us the history behind them in "Passport to Europe".